5 excellent ideas for your persuasive argumentative essay

There are literally thousands of essay topics that can be written as persuasive or argumentative. Sometimes an argumentative topic can be written in a persuasive matter that looks to change the opinion of someone who may feel strongly about the topic or main idea. In some cases it is just a matter of determining the main subject from where your topic would come from. Then you should decide how present the information. This may help you in deciding a good topic for your writing. The following ideas may give insight on the direction you want to take for selecting your idea.

  1. The death penalty. How would you persuade someone who is completely against it to consider being for it instead? Would the death penalty be appropriate for a teenage who committed an awful crime? What do you think would happen if the death penalty never existed?
  2. School violence. Should schools be more involved in reducing bullying among youth? Should parents be more responsible when bullying occurs among teens? Should teenagers be allowed to carry a weapon if they live in a bad neighborhood? How should be responsible for helping schools obtain metal detectors and other forms of security: community members, the school district, or both?
  3. Women’s rights. Why is that women in certain countries are not allowed to do certain activities such as vote or earn higher wages: do you think this is fair? Should a pregnant woman who was raped by a family member be allowed to abort her pregnancy? What would happen if abortion became unconstitutional for an entire nation or country?
  4. Consumer debt. Should a consumer go to jail for not paying back creditors? How should a government deal with credit agencies that deceive consumers who need help? When should a consumer not be allowed to file for bankruptcy relieve? Is it necessary to have bankruptcy mark on your credit report for so many years after filing?
  5. Gun ownership. Should anyone really be allowed to own a gun? Should background checks be mandatory for gun ownership? Should a parent automatically go to jail if their child accidently shoots a firearm they found in the home? Should only certain types of guns be owned by the average person? In some parts of the world, you are not allowed to have a gun: if someone is found with one, what do you think should happen?