How to write a cause and effect essay

Everything initiated in life will have an equal reaction, albeit positive or adverse. Throughout the course of your collegiate life, you’ll have the opportunity to display your writing expertise by preparing cause and effect essays, which are exactly what the title suggests: writing about specific causes and their ensuing effects on humanity or themselves. Below are the main requisites, and perquisites, of writing these papers:

Research before writing

It’s nearly mandatory that students thoroughly research the causes and all applicable effects before beginning any writing formalities. One major caveat students writing these papers should be privy of: many specific life events, natural disasters or scientific happenstances have numerous causes and effects, so taking accurate notes and writing an effective title are definitely areas to be leery of. Always make sure to prepare your outline before beginning your rough drafts, too, as this will alleviate confusion.

Keep audience engaged

Readers tend to skim through content and pick viable points, knowing that some sentences are probably ‘fillers’. Make sure each sentence you write keeps readers engaged as you’ll never really know which sentences are ingested, and which ones will be skimmed. Your causes should be spoken of equally to your effects, making sure each reader fully comprehends the magnitude of the situation. Avoid boring accessories, such as unneeded facts or ideas that are off-topic.

Write compelling conclusions

Your most important phase during the cause and effect writing process encompasses your final thoughts. You’ll want to wrap the entire cause and effect into three compact paragraphs to assure no points were missed. Avoid using excessive ‘stop’ words, like ‘a’, ’and’ or ‘the’ as these simply take up too much precious essay space which could otherwise be used for audience engagement. Professors assign these papers so students can learn how to retain knowledge, not just to have you write boring papers – make good use of your conclusion statements.


Many people are able to create a lifelong career after graduating with a bachelor’s degree thanks solely to their ability to write cause and effect essays. Others pursue a graduate degree, whether by choice or because it is required by their profession. Attending grad school is a valuable investment into whatever career you choose to pursue, and it can have a major positive impact on your quality of life.

Make sure writing assignments like these essays aren’t scoffed at – you never know where your career could take you after successful completion of this essay.