Parents Are not to Blame for Decisions their Children Make as Adults

Parents have a great influence on their children from the day they are born. Most people would think the idea of blaming parents for their children’s actions is common. But, children grow up to be their own person. They may do certain things because it was the way their parents did it, but they find their own way to make it work for themselves. Parents often want what is best for their children, even if it means encouraging them to do things differently. Once children grow into adulthood they are responsible for their own actions. But why do people still tend to blame the parent if the child made the decision in the first place?

Children commonly mimic their parents when they are little. They rely on their parents to give them what they need and what they want. Children may have aspirations to be like their parents when they grow up. They may admire how they love their children and willing to make sacrifices in order to ensure the family’s needs are met. Some parents know they do things a certain way because they know their parents did the same thing. Yet, they decide to keep doing things in this manner. Is it because it works for them or because they are not sure how else it can be done?

Most people realize children grow up to be different people as adults. Their mannerisms may vary from when they were children, but in many cases you see little change. Others feel when a child is born you can tell what kind of person they will be when they start gaining independence. As an adult you are responsible for your actions. You are expected to know and understand consequences that may follow, just as you would know rewards of something you do well.

In many cases it is a way of life since at one point, parents are no longer responsible for what their children do. A large number of people feel this is a true statement. Others feel it depends on what the issue is at hand in order to say whether a parent can be blamed. There are circumstances in which events that occurred in childhood play a role in how a child endures adulthood. Because adults are able to make their own choices in many cases a parent would just give their opinion that may or may not be welcomed by their child.