Academic writing essays - finding a good sample

This is a brilliant way to assist you in writing your academic essay. You can go and seek advice from someone who has expertise in a particular area. You can go online and pay for assistance with your academic essay writing. Both of these methods can be beneficial. But some would argue that the best academic essay writing comes from finding a good example.

Actually even better than that would be in finding several good examples. They exist. They are out there and the secret is simply in finding them. The more excellent examples of academic essays you can find the better. Make sure they received high grades because you only want to learn from those who are successful in their essay writing.

Does it have to be subject specific?

Well not necessarily. If you find a good example of a really well written academic essay, there are many aspects of this example you can copy. It could be the structure of the essay. It could be the simplicity of the language. It could be the ability to stick to the topic. It could be the presentation of the essay and its use of references and how they are listed. All of those aspects of the structure and presentation of an essay are essential. You can be marked up or down according to the way you cite references and follow the acceptable formula for the structure of your academic essay.

But better still would be finding a good example of a subject specific academic essay. It might not be precisely the same topic as the one you have been asked to write but if it is close to or similar with your topic then you will surely benefit from it. What are the main points made in this example? How many minor points were listed with each main point? How long was the introduction and at the conclusion?

Some of the world's greatest composers spent time studying the compositions of other musicians. The idea being was to see the style, the content and the technique used by these other famous composers. We learn by studying the work of others. If we're clever we will see behind the words of an academic essay and learn from the structure, the content and formula used by other academics.

When you find a good example of an academic essay, hang onto it, study it and learn from reading it.