How to Find Interesting Analysis Essay Topics

The short answer of course is to go looking. But whether it’s in your school or college library or from fellow students or from the huge number of suggested topics online, the key is to know what you’re looking for. You need to be certain about the nature of an analysis essay. And of course the word interesting is subjective. It’s not just knowing the definition of an analysis essay but also the meaning of interesting.

Whatever topic you choose, make sure it’s something you are keen to write about.

Usually an analysis essay writes a review about an event, an argument or a piece of writing. Your job as the essay writer is to examine the data and make comments. But it’s how you make your comments - as well as the comments themselves - which determines the quality of your finished product.

So study the topic you are investigating. Know the subject intimately. Then produce your analysis using the well-known structure and the rules of good essay writing. How easy is that? It’s no guarantee of a top score but the vast majority of essays which score well are those which follow that routine.

Here are some analysis essay topics. Do you reckon they are interesting and if so, why?

  1. Some people call it graffiti, others call it street art. Is there quality in this work?
  2. Do men and women have different ways and means of communicating?
  3. Is there an epidemic of obesity in the world today?
  4. Recreational drugs have never been so popular or as affordable as they are today.
  5. The quality of cameras and technology mean it is a better experience to watch sport on television than it is to be at the game.
  6. Which fictional characters change throughout a novel?
  7. Is the world pre-occupied with body shape?
  8. Look at a movie based on a book and notate the differences between the two.
  9. Reality television has caused the reduction in drama shows.
  10. What is the relationship between movies which win awards and the income they receive at the box-office?

Now as mentioned before, what makes a topic interesting is subjective. But if a topic such as those above really interests you then chances are that is an interesting analysis essay topic. That’s what you want; a topic which lights your fire.