How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay Introduction: Tips and Examples

If you are writing a paper that will help you to compare and contrast something, one thing that you want to focus on the opening structure of your paper as it will include tips and pointers that will guide your reader into what your topic is about. For example, you want to include things like use wording where you say:


Ways that you can tie these helpful words in include using real examples, like if you want to write about the difference in the weather based on the seasons, you may choose something like:


To substantiate your claim about comparing things like the weather, in our example, you could say:

It's great because it's warm, sunny, and you can go to the beach, and enjoy it.

That's comparing why it's really a good time to enjoy that. When you do a contrast, on the other hand you're saying for example:

The summer is great, but the winter is better because you get to stay home from school, you can play in the snow, and make hot chocolate!

And you would include substantiating evidence there. What this does in your intro is it lets your reader know what the body of your work will be about. That’s why it’s important that as you work on an introduction, you make sure that your guiding the reader to help them understand what your topic is and what you will be arguing or comparing.


A great way to start out your work is to say:

This article will compare and contrast reasons for getting a Roku, its benefits and features, over regular cable service.

As you go onto as you go on to give similar bits of information that will substantiate the supporting material that you have for why they should do something like have cable service, for example. Likewise, when you mention things like reasons why they should not use that particular service, as a way of contrast, you will include those briefly and then go into detail in the body so anyone viewing your article can easily follow it.