A List of Promising Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Comparing and contrasting essays emphasize on either the similarities of a topic, or the differences. Comparing essays focus on similarities and contrasting essays on the differences. Sounds easy enough, but the trick is finding a good topic. This guide will cover some great comparing and contrasting topics that are sure to help you write an amazing essay.

Topics to consider

All of these are topics that can lead to a great essay. Taking two very similar things, like an old movie and its newer remade version, can make for a great comparing or contrasting essay. You can easily look at the similarities or the differences between the two. You can use a variety of personal experiences to create a promising topic.

Personal experience topics are great topics for comparing and contrasting essays. You can use holidays, family members, concerts, movies you have seen, favorite stores, favorite authors, or anything else that holds a personal meaning to you. You can choose to show the similarities or the differences. If it is something you can compare and contrast, it just might make a promising essay topic.

Using you job and the job you would like to have is a great comparing and contrasting essay. This can be done by showing the similarities between the position you have now and the position you hope to gain. Ask yourself how it is helping you gain experience for the desired position. You can also contrast the two job positions and discuss how and why they are different. Comparing and contrasting essays are actually one of the easiest essays to write.

The comparing and contrasting essay focuses on the differences of a subject, or it focuses on the similarities. There is a variety of topics you can choose from including personal experiences, which require little research. It is easy to find the perfect topic for a comparing or contrasting essay. Using any of these suggested topics, or one from a personal experience, is a sure way to create an interesting essay. Essays are easier to write when the writer has a personal connection to the topic.