Anorexia is an eating disorder in which a person will purposely deprive themselves of any form or nutrition. This disorder is common among young people and teenagers. Females are anorexic more often although males have been known to starve themselves as well. While some people think a person who starves themselves on purpose is crazy or has mental problems, such individual need special attention to help them cope with their body image. Some anorexics may think they are overweight or need to lose weight when they are fine. Some may need to lose weight and think this is a faster way of doing it when you are harming yourself even further.

Anorexia nervosa is the medical term for an eating disorder commonly experienced in different groups of people such as models, teens, and those who want to lose weight quickly. Many who do this may have issues with self-esteem and self-acceptance. Others may starve themselves temporarily to achieve a certain look, gain the weight back, and then starve themselves again. There are people who do this out of habit, while others may start of start off eating little, and then force themselves to vomit (bulimia). There are drastic consequences for people who continue to deprive their bodies for extended time periods that could be fatal.

The body needs a significant amount of nutrients to function and stay healthy. The longer you go without eating the more likely your body will have a hard time functioning on its own. Food is a form of energy for the body and it helps you do all sorts of things from sleeping to performing tasks during the day. There are people who have passed out or fainted, experience dizziness, body weakness, and even organs shutting down because of the lack of food. Aside from not eating an anorexic person may engage in high amounts of physical activity to help them lose or prevent weight gain. If a person goes too long without proper nutrients, hospitalization or death can occur.

A person who is anorexic may work with a specialist, counselor, psychiatrist or healthcare professional. They would need treatment that includes understanding their condition and how to eat properly. Many people who deal with anorexia may be in denial or make things more difficult when others try to help them do what is best for their health. Overtime, a person can be treated successful with a team of supportive individuals that include family, friends, and a healthcare specialist.