Violence in Media

Have people become more violent over the past few years? Or have the violent events been reported in gross detail by the mainstream media. If you simply watch the new then it would be a realistic feeling to wonder what has happened to the morals of all people. Surely the world is going to be taken over by violent acts and if you are not careful then you will become a part of them as well. However then you analyze the facts, there don’t seem to be any more violent crimes committed in the past twenty years than there were a hundred years ago, it is just that the coverage of these events is much more prevalent than it was before.

Main Street Media Sales

If there are any questions why this is the case, simply watch the national news programs. Positive, happy stories about good people are quickly forgotten and seem to be ignored by the national media. Violence and sensationalism sell. The more fear they can put into the heads of viewers the more viewers they seem to accumulate and that means more money from the advertisers and simply bigger ratings. As we have witnessed in the recent past, when a significant violent attack occurs the media studies it and even seems to wallow in it until they have interviewed even the most peripheral characters. They submerge the public in it and make it seem like everyone is a violent predator and you can’t walk down the street safely. The unfortunate part is that it is the consumer that drives this machine, if people stopped watching then there would be real change, but sensational is what people want to read about.

Creating Problems

The promotion of the media of the violent acts that are done by people only leads to more violent acts because there are people who see the attention and think that this is their way to make a difference or to have significance in their lives. The violent perpetrators are generally people who feel disenfranchised by the system. They see this as a way to show the world how much they have been hurt and need to show the world. The media eats it up and all channels provide the latest news on the event. The Media creates these problems and could change it if we wanted them to.


The media is a supporter of violent acts. The over coverage of each violent incident recently in the US shows the shallow nature of the national media. If they spent as much time reporting on the positive things that have occurred across the country, the world would be a happier place.