How to write an essay: answer the question directly

Essay writing is not as tough as usually perceive it to be. This is because an essay is lengthy and you have to keep on writing with focus and strong argumentation. One problem that usually most of people face when writing an essay is that you stray away from the main topic and you have real hard time coming back to the main topic. This also affects image of the essay and makes arguments weak. It gives the impression that you do not have a strong argument or motivation behind it. A simple solution to this problem is that you must answer the question directly. What do I mean here? Let me explain it a little.

While writing essay, some people start explaining unnecessarily and to make essay lengthy, they start elaborating points which are irrelevant and ultimately your essay goes out of hands.

Once you answer the question of essay, rest of the essay becomes easier to handle, to improve this quality of essay you must also try to practice it because good writing comes from practice. Also, your argument must be genuine. You must foresee if you have enough arguments for the answer you are giving. This one attribute will improve your essay at a greater level and you will feel the difference that it makes.