Searching for a Reliable Essay Writing Company

The Internet today is full of both decent writing services and those posing as them. Use this quick checklist to separate reliable essay companies from scammers.

How long have they been around?

The first thing to look at is the year when the website was created. Scam companies do not linger in this market; they gather money from trustful students for a few months, then disappear without delivering any work. Being registered outside the US or the UK, in countries with very permissive legislation, they are not afraid that you sue them. The website’s age of five or seven years does not guarantee quality work, but at least this company is not a scammer.

Are they on any scam lists?

Look for essay scammer lists on the Web. As a rule, dishonest companies are quickly reported by deceived users there. The reason that it does not stop new customers from getting into the trap is that not everyone takes care to check these lists. Do not repeat this mistake; use scam-reporting resources to make your own list of websites to avoid.

Are they a registered business?

The most reliable essay writing services would get a registration in the US or the UK. Although they would have to set their fees a bit higher, because of taxing issues, it will help attract clients that look for quality work and excellent service. Do not hesitate to use a completely legit essay company if you run into it.

Do they have any samples on their website?

Explore the website for free sample essays. They are usually composed by the company’s own writers and hence give an accurate idea of how good their writing is. The absence of free samples is a bad sign; they might be hiring unskilled writers and trying to hide it until you pay. However, there are exceptions to this rule as well. Read the texts on the website. If they are excellently written, free essays might be absent for other reasons than inferior quality of the service.

How much do they charge?

Price is also an important indicator of reliability. A common practice by scammers is to charge much lower than average in the market. In hope to save money, customers order from them – and get no essay at all. A subtler trick is to set a much higher price, promising exceptional quality; the end result is the same. Meanwhile, honest companies would keep their prices around the industry’s average; they need to pay their writers a decent reward for their work, and they do not want to lose customers to more reasonably priced competitors.