Homework Helping: Combining Working AND Studying

The number one thing that new post secondary students complain about is not having enough time to get things done. They stress about their coursework and they stress about their jobs because the transition of going from being a carefree High School Kid to a College or University Student with a full schedule of courses AND a part-time job can be overwhelming. It is safe to say that good time management is something that is learnt. If you are feeling particularly stretched thin now, it is most likely that you will adjust to the school and work balancing act within a few weeks. However, many people who have been out of school for a long time easily forget how difficult the life of a working student can be and pack on extra responsibilities and tight deadlines because they do not realize how busy these young kids actually are.

Most young people nowadays simple cannot afford to merely attend classes and not work at all. Even with full-scholarships and loans there are financial expenses that are unexpected such as gas, groceries, and extra school supplies. The cost of living continues to increase and the amount of free money being handed out is gradually decreasing. These hard economic times have increased the average rent and utility cost about 5%, so simply JUST attending class is often not an option.

The real problem however is not the cost but the “time” that is required by both activities. Investing yourself in school and in work simultaneously is hard because you often feel torn apart by your duel responsibilities. Although it is true that most individuals do adjust after a certain period of time, the initial stress can be hard to bare. This is why so many students either quit their job (and run out of money) OR drop out of school (and work full time). Others turn out of desperation to other resources such as online writing helpers, or professional academic writing services in order to get all of their coursework done. It is easy to see that things are not going to change any time soon so students will have to become even more clever about managing the balancing act between work and studying; by cutting back on leisure time, and of course! Learning how to get by on even less sleep.