Academic Writing Help: A Sample Outline For An Essay

Essays can be hard but they can be made easier if you create an outline for them.  Not very many students actually create an outline for their essays because they think it’s a waste of time or they don’t know how to properly do one.  An outline can help you get all of your information in one place, where you can organize it and get it read to write.  Looking at all of the information in your outline can make you a better writer as well.  If you outline everything that you write, you can avoid writers block and ensure that all the information you need, will be in the outline.  Writing an outline is really easy and with this example you will be writing an essay outline in no time.

Sample Essay Outline

  1. Introduction

    a. Opening sentence

    b. Thesis sentence

    c. Overview of topic

  2. Main point 1

    a. Examples

    b. Evidence

  3. Main point 2

    a. Examples

    b. Evidence

  4. Main Point 3

    a. Examples

    b. Evidence

  5. Conclusion

    a. Restated thesis

    b. Concluding information

This is a basic outline for an essay; there are many other outlines that you can use for your essay.  This is what a five-paragraph essay would look like outlined.  You can also add to it if your essay requires more to it. If you want something that is more complex then there are other essay or research paper outlines you can use. Here’s a list that you to find other samples of essay outlines.

Where To Find Other Outline Samples