How to Hire a Good Essay Writer: Suggestions from an Expert

Great writers are rare. If you need an essay written to a high standard that assures you good grades but does not raise suspicions of cheating, the tips below may set you off on the right track.

Meet them in person

This is one of the best methods. By meeting someone and hearing how they speak, you can get a fair idea of what level they may be capable of writing at. There are exceptions to be found in very shy people who are secretly verbose and grandiloquent when they put pen to paper. The problems you are more likely to uncover with this method are non native speech and the use of poor grammar in general.

Review their samples

A good writer should be able to present a solid portfolio of work to prospective clients. Request to see essays in a style similar to the one you require.

Find them through a freelancing site

Freelancing sites rank their members. This means that rather than having to guess based on profiles who is or isn’t capable of good writing, you can pick only the best writers and deal with them. Better yet, you can simulate the experience of meeting them in person by scheduling an interview using any VOIP that you prefer and they agree to. This helps because some unscrupulous companies exploit bad writers by convincing them to work at very low rates in exchange for undeserved stellar ratings.

Let a writing company find one for you

When you place an order with a writing company, you do not usually have the task of picking the writer that will personally be assigned to your task. If you can find a writing company with a reputation that impresses you enough, just leave the rest to them. By hiring all their staff based on specific skills and related criteria they eliminate the need for you to do so yourself.

Beware of the low bidders

The lowest bids you come across will almost indubitably be fraudulent. Quality academic writing takes skill and that costs money. Writers who promise to do what you ask for much less than the going rate should not be trusted. They most likely intend to present you with plagiarized work.

No method is fool-proof. Stories abound of even the biggest companies being duped by people they hire. Following the tips above may just make you a bit harder to fool.