Animal Rights Persuasive Essay Format

Persuasive essays need to follow certain formats in order to be fully effective. There are a few different ways that they can be organized, but most persuasive essays must have some special requirements. You might think that following formats can be constricting, but it is important to remember that you can always be creative with the words, style, and tone.

Vital Introductory Paragraph

When you are ready to organize your animal rights persuasive essay, the introductory paragraph is one of the most important parts of the essay to consider. Every persuasive essay needs to have a strong introductory sentence in order to hook the readers into wanting to read more of your essay. It is also important to have a clear and thought provoking thesis statement, as well as sentences that bridge the introduction and thesis, so that the introductory paragraph does not feel choppy.

Body Paragraph Requirements

Once you have stated your thesis, then the body paragraphs need to provide just the right amount of support. Each paragraph needs to have a topic sentence that will reconnect to the thesis without being too repetitive. Then, you will need to have extremely strong support for your stance on animal rights. While the introductory paragraph is important to get the reader interested in what you have to say, the body paragraphs need to include the most convincing facts that you can find. Without facts and examples, you will never be able to convince anyone to agree with what you have to say in your animal rights persuasive essays.

Back to the Five-Paragraph Format

Many beginning writers are taught that they need to write three body paragraphs, but this is just to help beginning writers learn to write solid paragraphs that will support their opinions. More experienced writers can write more or fewer paragraphs, but those paragraphs need to be very well written, with extremely powerful support. Even if you are an experienced writer, there is nothing wrong with writing a basic five-paragraph essay with excellent support and good writing.

Close with a Clean Conclusion

Once the body paragraphs are written, the conclusion is the last part of the essay that needs to be completed. There are a few requirements for a concluding paragraph and without them your persuasive animal rights essay might not seem completed. Each conclusion should include a rephrasing of the thesis, so the reader is reminded of the purpose of the essay. Many writers also like to include restated facts. Then, the essay should be finished with a call-to-action or a question that will leave the reader considering the topic.