Making an “Against Euthanasia” Essay Persuasive

There are few topics more delicate and controversial than euthanasia. The concept of taking someone’s life, no matter the purpose, will always meet with mixed reactions. If you’re crafting an essay that aims to persuade someone against euthanasia, then you need to make sure it is properly and appropriately composed. Nothing goes over worse than a poorly-written essay about so sensitive a topic! If you’re crafting an essay against euthanasia, then take a quick look at these pointers – they may help you avoid essay disaster!

Respecting the Other View

One of the cornerstones of a great persuasive essay, regardless of its topic, is in respect. No one is going to grant high grades and praising remarks to an essay that simply badmouths the opposing viewpoint – or doesn’t even regard the other viewpoint at all. The key to an excellent essay lies in respect. Try establishing some ground with the opposing perspective. For example, agree that it is wrong to kill. Then, come back with your reasons against euthanasia that may address that issue – for example, it may be wrong to kill, but what if quality of life was a factor? Establish respect and common ground, and you’re more likely to form a persuasive argument for individuals on the other side of the fence.

Tread Delicately

There are a lot of moral and social issues surrounding euthanasia, so tread delicately. Stick to facts as much as possible. When you stray into opinion territory, continue to support it with evidence and outside sources as much as possible. Promoting your personal beliefs, especially without valid support, is a fast way to lose your audience. Be very clear with your meaning, sensitive and respectful in your writing, and always factually-backed.

Be Clear and Correct

What brings down an essay faster than a lit match? Confusion and error. Nothing will harm your argument more than an unclear presentation. Remember that organization is key to writing success. Always use a mapping device or other outlining method to organize your thoughts, major points and supporting material. This way, your essay will be well organized and uncluttered, making your argument appear even more convincing and well assembled. Paying attention to your grammar, spelling and sentence flow will also improve the strength of your essay. Don’t overlook the editing and proofreading stage of your writing. Always go back, review and improve what was written. You’ll not only avoid minor mistakes that could cost you, but present a clearer, more convincing argument.