New Voice of Islam

Over the years, the world, particularly Western countries have viewed Muslims and their religion, Islam, from a negative point of view. Attacks of the 9/11 fashion heightened this view and present Islam as an extremist force out to cause terror and unnecessary destruction. Fundamentalist forces seem to control Islam causing a widening tension between them and the rest of the world. The heightened conflicts and oppositions have led to consequential and vibrant discourses myriad authors, speakers, and activists. Broad-cross sections of reformists have sprouted in numerous Muslim-dominated countries from Africa to the Middle East.

Collectively and individually, Muslim writers and activists contend for reforms in Islamic Jurisprudence and theology. New voices in this religion call for a reinterpretation of the religion’s common ideas that are supportive and consistent with the dynamics of the world. Current debates include general overviews of Muslims, Islam, Islamic principles, and the intricate relationship between civil rights, democracy, and Islam. Additionally, there have been conspicuous disputes between Muslims and Non-Muslim nations, but the views behind these disputes have been majorly missing from debates to solve these disputes. As part of a groundbreaking initiative, writers and activists spread over the Muslim world have decided to shed some light through providing in-depth views.

Focused on topics like terrorism, gender, and democracy – new writers present remarkable Islamic voices deftly, showing how the world ought to heed Islamic views. Western public seems so uninformed about Muslims and they therefore need a thorough sensitization. Muslims living in Islamic worlds and other places have been in the struggles for a democratic, pluralist, and modern transformation of their world prior to and after crises such as the 7/7 and 9/11. Messages from these people not only need a wider audience, but equal response as well. Unfortunately, various factors such as Islamic pressures and government repression still obstruct universal access to new voices from Muslim activists and writers.