Gender in Media

The media today is guilty of perpetuating many different generalizations when it comes to gender in the media. The generalizations are not limited to either men or women because both sexes are feed unrealistic stereotypes and expected to accept them as for what the typical man or woman should look like or behave in order to be acceptable. This acceptance can be based on their intellect or more often by their sexuality. The images that the mainstream media produces affects the way that society at large feels about beauty and how they will be accepted because of their looks, ethnicity or age. The media portrays many stereotypes about gender and those generalizations lead to mistreatment and discrimination.

Beauty is Skin Deep

When it comes to what is considered beautiful, the media continually force feeds society an image of women who are unnaturally thin as the role model that all women should aspire to. This version of a woman isn’t accurate, but the media pushes it so much that people feel that they are inadequate if they do not look exactly like that. There is little consideration given to the character, talent or intellect a person possesses but all of the desire is placed in the physical appearance department. This form of brain washing leaves a wake of damage behind it that all women are merely sex objects and have no other use. The truth will destroy this lie, if the intellect and talent of a woman can be highlighted mor often than the shape of their body.

Men are Stupid

When it comes to the male gender there are a lot of presentations of this gender as not all that intelligent and lacking in the basic ability to think or reason appropriately. If there are not sports in the equation then men should have no place at the table. These stereotypes significantly affect the way that men are treated emotionally. It is unacceptable for men to show their emotions, and if they do, it is looked upon as a significant weakness. This makes for people who are generally dysfunctional when it comes to expressing even the most basic emotions. When a person doesn’t express their emotions outwardly and holds them in then they will show themselves in some other way.


The gender roles that the media projects onto society are generally harmful and do not portray reality in any tangible fashion. Both men and women develop mental problems trying to live up to these unrealistic stereotypes and once the media starts to portray people as individuals and less like unthinking gender objects, the world is going to suffer the consequences.