Cheap Essay Writing Services vs Plagiarism

If you're trying to choose between cheap essay writing services or plagiarism, you shouldn't choose either one because even if you hire a professional from a cheap essay writing service, there is a chance that you could still receive a plagiarized document. This is because some essay writing service professionals may copy other writers' work and have you believe that the work is original. If you want to turn in the best essay, it is better to write the essay yourself and not take shortcuts by plagiarizing it.

Basic Tips on Writing Essays

When you write an essay, it is important to realize that your goal is to argue for a certain position or inform the public of a certain topic in an analytical way. An essay should not be written the same way you would a short story or novel. This means that you should leave out flowery or highly descriptive language in the essay. The essay should only include information that proves your argument because if you include a host of irrelevant data in the essay, the reader will find it difficult to understand your essay.

A Warning About Online Open Source Reference Sites

If you're tempted to use mostly information from online reference sites, keep in mind that most professors discourage it and other professors see this as plagiarism, which is something you want to avoid. Because people often delete or make changes to the entries, this website is not very reliable. Some of the entries are also written with a certain bias such as liberal or conservative and this is not good if you want objective resources for the essay.

About Analyzing Literature in Essays

Start by choosing an aspect of a literary work that you want to focus on such as the main character, plot nor the time period in which the work is written. You may also decide to focus on the work as it relates to the author's motivation for writing the essay. For example, if you are analyzing Zora Neale Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watching God, you can discuss how her passion for black folk culture and history influenced the novel as well as her childhood in one of the few all-black cities in Florida during the early 1900s. Then proceed to write the thesis statement and after you do this, use examples from the book as proof for the arguments.