List of the Most Impressive Deforestation Essay Topics for College

The trees provide vital regulating ecosystem services, including stabilizing microclimate, soil structure, and atmospheric composition. The fast removal of plants from forest areas destroys forest ecosystems that can’t regenerate naturally. Deforestation is a serious concern in many countries, so the topic itself is popular for college essay assignments. Some sample impressive deforestation essay topics include the following:

  1. Commercial logging: an increasing demand for timber and pulp.
  2. Explain why heavy machinery utilization is damaging to a forest and how people can decrease wood consumption in the developed world.

  3. Agricultural purposes as a reason for clearing forests.
  4. Describe grazing cattle and planting crops practices in developing countries that lead to deforestation.

  5. Moving to rural areas in Brazil: the impact on the forest areas.
  6. Write about the policy that encourages people in Brazil to move to rural areas and describe this as a reason for cutting down trees to accommodate these people.

  7. Development of the road infrastructure: getting easier access to remote areas vs. destroying tropical forests.
  8. Provide information about the road construction in the Southern America and South-Eastern Asia and investigate the effects on the local forests.

  9. The greenhouse effect as a result of deforestation.
  10. Claim that deforestation is one of the main factors that causes the greenhouse effect and therefore the rise of the average temperature on the planet and support your argument by providing the scientific evidence.

  11. A dangerous effect of cutting forests: soil erosion.
  12. Explain how trees and other forest plants protect the soil from water and wind erosion; mention what important nutrients are leached by the rain; and how erosion can be prevented.

  13. Disruption of the hydrological cycle caused by deforestation.
  14. Provide information about the reduction of evapotranspiration in tropical forests that causes the decrease of precipitation amount and therefore changes the hydrological cycle in the area.

  15. The extinction of species caused by destruction of their habitat.
  16. Argue that reduction of biodiversity is a serious problem, provide examples of species extinction caused by tropical rainforest destruction, and find expert opinion to support your position.

  17. Deforestation as a reason for spreading of diseases.
  18. List diseases that can spread because of cutting forests, including malaria, and find out how many people will suffer from these diseases in the nearest future.

  19. Potential solutions to the problems caused by forest extinction.
  20. Discuss potential solutions, such as reforesting, bans on the logging, using forest sustainably, recycling, creating protected areas, and others.