Top 12 Strong Evaluation Essay Topics To Consider

The purpose of an evaluation essay is to completely explore and expose all facets of a topic, item or situation. You are required to be very clear and concise when presenting you data and you must pursue your information in this study with an unbiased, scientific approach. It is also recommended that you include a small piece discussing your choice of data gathering methods and the alternatives. Here are 12 examples of strong evaluation essay topics:

  1. Man versus spider
  2. Explore possible evolutionary reasons for the existence of so many individuals living in fear of spiders.

  3. Journey to the moon
  4. Discuss the benefits that living on the moon would grant to humanity and outline reasons why we should hasten our colonizing of this celestial object.

  5. The bond of marriage
  6. Show how the bond of marriage is different from any other interpersonal bond humans can form.

  7. Study of the friend zone
  8. Quite often a male or female is not chosen as a mate by someone they wish to couple with, research possible reasons for this.

  9. Ideal relationship between student and teacher
  10. The bond between student and teacher can greatly affect the effectiveness of the learning process. Speculate on the possible, most suitable type of relationship between a student and teacher for fostering good results.

  11. The effectiveness of our education system
  12. Show how our present education system is in need of improvements and suggest possible solutions.

  13. How puberty affects young people
  14. When every child reaches the age of puberty many changes take place in their bodies. Outline the ways in which this biological process can affect the life of a young person.

  15. The benefits of fast food
  16. Fast foods receive a lot of bad attention from health advocates. Show how fast food have benefited society.

  17. Carbonated drinks and its dangers
  18. Carbonated beverages are very popular but many claim they pose serious health risks. Show why carbonated beverages are dangerous.

  19. Benefits of horse driven transportation systems
  20. Show ways in which all of our present forms of land transportation can be replaced by horse driven transport vehicles and outline the reason why this change would be best for the environment.

  21. Contagious diseases
  22. Discuss the means by which contagious diseases move from from person to person and show how they have adapted to suit our living habits.

  23. The many benefits of video games
  24. Video games were once frowned upon by adults everywhere but that opinion may be about to change. Discuss the befits of video games.