Application essay writing: be thoughtful

Application essays are also known as admission essays or entrance essays. They are supposed to be written to help the student secure admission in his desired university or college. The admission essay has to show the true character and personality of the student so it must be written carefully. It is not supposed to be written in a very formal or academic tone but the student has to stay natural. Plan your essay and think before you write it down. This is a very important piece of writing as it will decide whether you get admission or not.

Be yourself. 

Do not try to write a serious essay if you are a funny person and don’t write a funny essay if you are a serious person. Try to stay natural and write in a way that you are comfortable in.

Make it fun. 

Don’t write a typical essay that is too formal to be real. The admission officers receive a lot of essays each day make sure yours is not boring and brings a smile to their face.

Stand out from the crowd

The same essay prompt is answered by hundreds of students which is why most of the essays end up being similar. Try to think of a different aspect of the question and then address it. The admission officer will most probably reject the essays that are all too same. They are looking for uniqueness in a person. Write your essay in a way that shows how creative you are.

Focus on one main thing/event

The essay is not a list of all your achievements. You can add them in a different section on the application form. In your admission essay try to focus on one important thing or event that changed your life. It can be a hard time that helped you learn a lot or it can be a time when you went out of the way to achieve something

Write thoughtfully and from your heart. 

Don’t exaggerate anything and falsify the facts to please the reader. Write what you actually feel passionate about.

Don't do a history report. 

A little bit of background is okay but you should not write irrelevant lengthy backgrounds if they are not important.

Proofread it well

When you have finished writing your essay and want to submit it you should make sure it is free of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.