Looking For A Good Example Of A Descriptive Essay: 4 Places To Check

The descriptive essay is a writing form that emphasizes the description of something- this can be anything from a particular experience to a specific place. This genre of writing simply asks the author to recount an experience for the readers, focusing on elements of the objects, people, experiences, and emotions that were present. The goal of the descriptive essay is to appease to the reader’s senses. These types of pieces focus on sensory detail, paying attention to sights, sounds, smells, and tastes, allowing the reader to feel as though they were there.

Developing a topic is often the most challenging task for any writer. The topic you write about is completely up to you- as long as you’re able to describe it in great detail. Topics include the descriptions and narratives surrounding things like, a dream, living in another country, a life altering event or experience, your job as a freelance writer, falling in love, or even something simple like sitting in traffic.

When looking for quality examples of descriptive essays, there are a few options.