Research Paper Examples Have Flooded the Internet

Today’s college and high school students are very comfortable sharing their lives on the Internet. So, they share their essays and research papers online. The problem is that they share their research papers whether they are good or bad. The other problem is that students who are supposed to be learning how to write research papers do not know the difference between a good or bad research paper.

The Danger of Choice

The flood of research papers does make it very easy to find free research papers on practically every topic imaginable. While some students can truly benefit from looking at sample research papers because they know the difference between a good and bad paper, there are many students who should completely avoid looking for research papers.

Who Benefits from a Sample Paper

Students who can benefit from seeing sample research papers from the glut online are the students who already know how to write. These students can take what they already know and expand it with the samples they see. They might be able to find a unique sentence structure or a new word that can add a little more personality to a routine research paper.

Who Should Avoid the Samples

The student that will not benefit from the plethora of free research papers is the one who has challenges with writing in general. This student is more likely to copy a free research paper because it is easier than writing one from scratch. This student should avoid looking at free research papers, since the free papers will become more of a distraction than a help.

Mediocrity with Learning

Teachers would rather see a student write a mediocre research paper and learn from experience than steal a perfect paper from someone else. The idea behind a research paper is not just about the writing, but about the process of creating a new idea and looking to support it with researched facts. Students do need to learn how to argue an idea.

Because so many students are borrowing from the samples online, teachers are becoming rather disillusioned. They are asking students to write their papers in school, so the teachers see that their students are actually researching and writing their own papers rather than taking someone else’s paper. School really is about learning and students do themselves a disservice when they intentionally choose not to learn anything during the process of creating the paper.