Finding Reliable Sources with Paper Introduction Samples

When you are writing a paper, any paper, one of the best ways to learn how best to form your argument and create your final product is to review samples.

Samples enable you to see, literally, what other students and academics have done. Samples show you how to properly use a new format. Samples show you what lengths are appropriate for which sections of your paper. Samples can also show you the level of writing that may be required for a new grade, new school, or new teacher. With samples, you know what is expected and what you need to produce.

That being said, where are reliable sources with paper introduction samples?

  1. The first place you should look for reliable sources with paper introduction samples is your teacher. When you are tasked with a writing assignment, most teachers will do their students a courtesy of providing a sample from a previous student for review. This can offer an opportunity to learn what to do and what not to do. The teacher may review this sample with the class so as to cultivate a discussion about what is expected, and how to meet those expectations. But the teacher may also provide a sample, and then send the class on their way. If no example is provided, then you can ask your teacher to offer you one. It may have slipped their mind, or it might not have dawned on them that the class needed that. Chances are, if you are looking for a sample, other students are too.
  2. The second place you should look for reliable sources with introduction samples is your text. You probably have a handful of textbooks for your course, or for other courses, which can offer samples for the assignments, including essay examples. Look in the back of the book or on the publisher’s website.
  3. The third place you should look for reliable sources with introduction samples is writing guides. There are writing guides available in your school library or online. These guides offer comprehensive guidelines as to which formatting styles are used, how different essays can be composed, and where you should look for good evidence. There are many tips and tricks offered in these books, as well as comprehensive examples of each type of essay. Some even have multiple examples which will prove quite helpful for students.