Is It Ethical to Use Online Paper Writing Services?

The internet allows students to hire companies online to do all their homework, papers, essays, final exams, coursework, and even dissertations for them. This is not a new practice. Even before the advent of the internet, people hired ghostwriters to write their papers, speeches, articles and books for them. The only thing that’s really changed is the ease of accessing high quality writers from all over the world at the touch of a button almost.

Does buying written material from a ghostwriter constitute plagiarism? Of course not! Plagiarism is stealing someone else’s work without their permission and passing it off as your own. When a student buys written work from a ghostwriter they are buying all rights to it including the right to call it their own.

Many online writing services also offer editing services, where they help the student to put the finishing touches and polish up their own written work. This is not different from asking your dad or grandmother or roommate to read over your essay and offer suggestions.

Other uses of online paper writing services

Online writing services often offer the following:

The practice of paying another writer to write for you has been going on for centuries and is not illegal. Is it unethical? Even presidents of countries hire speech writers to write their famous speeches to the public. CEOs of large corporations hire writers for their speeches. University professors hire students to do research and writing for them which eventually goes out to the public in the professor’s name.

Online webmasters use this same system to keep their websites updated with fresh content. Most site owners don’t write their own material but use a freelance writer to write it. The freelance writer gets paid for their work and the owner puts their name on the content.

Colleges and universities may frown upon the practice of students hiring writers to do their coursework and essays, yet in all fairness if they were to forbid this practice, they would also have to find a way to forbid students getting help from real people for their essays. Most students already do this. It makes sense for a student to do as well as possible in their schoolwork so they earn the grades that will get them into higher places of learning.